Hi, I’m Nedra Buckmire

Nedra L. Buckmire is a transformational catalyst who inspires hope, ignites passions and rewrites futures through mentoring and coaching privately, internationally and in corporate America. She is a certified master life and empowerment coach with Dream Releaser Coaching, an author, mentor and speaker who ignites the flames of passion and focus, enabling others to discover their why. She is currently pursuing her degree in Psychology and committed to remain a life-long learner.

Nedra understands every coaching encounter should be purposeful. She recognizes the power of your personal story, which was paramount in her journey of becoming a life and empowerment coach. Nedra is passionate about provoking others to live their best lives while being uniquely themselves. Desiring to be someone else makes one an inferior duplication of an original; therefore, being unique is absolutely essential to one’s success.

Nedra has learned opposition can be the positive force that propels one toward their desired goals. As an encourager, Nedra motivates with fervent consistency, propelling others to think outside-the-box and soar in spite of their opposition. Consistency is key—however, persistence is invaluable to a person’s journey toward personal significance. Nedra being named a "midwife" is apropos, because she motivates others to give birth to their dreams.

As a speaker, Nedra captures her audience with candor, humor and real life relevance that causes one to reflect, realign and realize their future is beckoning them. She understands that living authentically-centered enables others to do the same. When one is authentic, there isn’t a question of who you are. As a person aligns themselves with their innate abilities, it positions them live a life fulfilled. 

Mentoring allows Nedra the distinct pleasure of empowering others with what she’s learned through her own mistakes and triumphs. Having the ability to provide wisdom and guidance is an awesome gift. Nedra understands personally, when hope is lost, it produces doubt, fear and an inability to move forward. However, when hope is restored, it breathes life into a person’s entire being, enabling them to fulfill their earnest heart’s desire. This is why Hope Fulfilled Empowerment exists—to inspire hope, ignite passions and rewrite futures!